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Tasha is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Information Design. She currently illustrates for children's books and various other things. This is her art blog where she posts her works, sketches, and things that catch her fancy.
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Aug 18


Here a little gift for the absolutly amazing Amoosebouche, not only a great artist but a very sweet person as well ! I tried to draw two of her ocs, Alexei and Nuu ♥

Ahhhhh how did I miss this? Thank you Juliette for reminding me that I in fact still do have OCs haha. I still get tingly inside when people still remember my OCs even if I haven’t drawn  them for the longest time. ;A; I need to remedy that.

Aug 15


Imaginary Friends | Galileo Galilei

PORTAL, 2012

SME Records

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Aug 14



reol/giga in left side

rin/luka in right side

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unravel (8bit) - Yattsuke

Original - TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (Tokyo Ghoul OP)

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Aug 13

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I realized I never really got in depth with my character designs and that left some people feeling a bit confused. This was a really fun project though, and I’m overwhelmed at the amount of positive feedback I got from it. Thank you! I hope this little explanation helps.

This is set in the Philippines during the Spanish Colonization era. I have no specific date, but it’d probably fall in the 1800s. I wanted to make it a point that they were all Christian so I made them wear scapulars. (despite how unchristian the step mother and step sisters act haha) 

The style of clothing is Maria Clara.The dress takes its name from one of the protagonists in Noli Me Tangere, one of the most important pieces of literature in Filipino History. Although not shown here, I drew Cinderella with glass bakya ( wooden slippers) To push the design more.

The step-mother and sisters were based on Doña Victorina, also from Noli Me Tangere, who was described as a social climber who would powder her face extremely white to make her look ‘mestiza’ or western. There was already that belief that being of Spanish or descent means you are wealthy. 

For the fairy godmother, I based her clothes on traditional Maguindanao clothing, although I did take a lot of liberties with it. Instead of a fairy, I turned her in to a diwata which is the closet I could think of to a Filipino version of a fairy.

Lastly, the Prince, I envisioned as someone who came from a sultanate, hence his middle eastern inspired clothing. Honestly, I just didn’t want her to end up with a Spanish prince. ( happy endings with your colonizer felt odd to me)

Aug 12

Some outfits again.

Aug 8

personal commission open



types as follows:
1. pen, flat colored background ($20)
2. pen, flat colored background + extra details ($25)
3. old style pencil render, duotone ($20)
4. pen with a touch of color pencil, grey washed ($20)
5. pen with a touch of color pencil, grey washed + extra details ($25)
6. pen, digital colored ($30)
*extra character is $10. max one extra character only.
*I don’t do extra details for 3 and 6 at the moment.

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Zaregoto Speaker (self-cover) - sasanomaly (a.k.a nekobolo)


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Aug 5


EDIT: Changed denomination to Philippine Pesos.

Hello! I’m opening up commissions so I can earn a bit (And I don’t want to keep on asking the parentals for money).

More details under the read more!

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