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Psst. I hear you like Free! I hope you also like zombies BECA U S E archiveofourown[.]org/works/973534

HAH. Do you think I have not read this yet?!?! Such folly. Now I’m a mess because this cliffhanger WAS THE WORST. I waited months for this update and now I wish I should have just waited until the whole thing is completed sob… 




HI EVERYONE!! \(^ O ^)/!! I hope you’ve all been well! I’ve been sort of here and there recently because i’ve been busy with various things…ONE OF WHICH IS STORENVY!! i finally made one and i’m a bit jittery atm but thank you so much for looking ;___; there isn’t much on there right now but i’ll steadily be adding more things as i finish them! reblogs are very much appreciated!! HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY—!! ☆

  • All orders for opening week will be shipped at the end of the week + will include a bonus pencil sketch (please indicate in the comments section at checkout for what you’d like drawn!)


Here a little gift for the absolutly amazing Amoosebouche, not only a great artist but a very sweet person as well ! I tried to draw two of her ocs, Alexei and Nuu ♥

Ahhhhh how did I miss this? Thank you Juliette for reminding me that I in fact still do have OCs haha. I still get tingly inside when people still remember my OCs even if I haven’t drawn  them for the longest time. ;A; I need to remedy that.