Hello ppl. I have recieved a message from Paypal telling me that they acknowledged the fraud. However in the process I fell 5€ into dept and my phone bill was not able to be paid.

This month I only lived off 60 bucks for food I have nothing left.
I have a cat and 3 gerbils to feed and a bill to…



Pun intended.

It’s our favorite mackarel-obsessed mermaid boy! I accidentally wore this shirt to starbucks and got judged by the baristas TuT

This shirt is available on our storenvy page, If you also want one!

Thanks to moaniecat for the idea of “improving” the starbucks logo with haru’s face. HAHA.

Anonymous asked:

Psst. I hear you like Free! I hope you also like zombies BECA U S E archiveofourown[.]org/works/973534

HAH. Do you think I have not read this yet?!?! Such folly. Now I’m a mess because this cliffhanger WAS THE WORST. I waited months for this update and now I wish I should have just waited until the whole thing is completed sob… 




HI EVERYONE!! \(^ O ^)/!! I hope you’ve all been well! I’ve been sort of here and there recently because i’ve been busy with various things…ONE OF WHICH IS STORENVY!! i finally made one and i’m a bit jittery atm but thank you so much for looking ;___; there isn’t much on there right now but i’ll steadily be adding more things as i finish them! reblogs are very much appreciated!! HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY—!! ☆

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